School Butterscotch with crumbled Cadburys Flake Recipe

Remember butterscotch from school in the 1980’s? Here’s a rough recipe

Ok, sorry to those who have been eagerly awaiting my recipe. My recipe is not measured, my mother taught me to work in number of spoons or by the eye and this is just one of those recipes.

Please see my updated recipe here

PS This is not a recipe for Butterscotch Tart which is different and more like caramel. My recipe does not use condensed milk or dark brown demerara sugar.

Remember butterscotch from school in the 1980’s? Here’s a rough recipe

Ok, sorry to those who have been eagerly awaiting my recipe. My recipe is not measured, my mother taught me to work in number of spoons or by the eye and this is just one of those recipes.

So here’s the ingredients and recipe for butterscotch from my school days:

Take a tablespoon of Stork Margarine and heat in a saucepan, don’t boil the margarine, just melt it. Once melted add around half a pint of semi-skimmed milk. You will notice that they don’t mix, so don’t go whisking like crazy, just let the two mingle for a moment. Next add a lot of demerara sugar and I mean a lot, this would be around 5 tablespoons worth, yes you read right and let the sugar dissolve.

Next step is to add Butterscotch Essence and it has to be essence, you can buy it online as you’ll never find it in a shop, I purchased this one Foodie Flavours Butterscotch Essence.

Add about twenty drops, this stuff is very strong so you may think surely not but believe me its required, they obviously don’t make food flavouring like they used to, smell the liquid now and you should start to think, its all coming back now. Add another two tablespoons of sugar.

Now we have to thicken the liquid and for this we are going to need to add a little bit of flour and then cornflour. Taking some of the hot liquid out of the pan, put into a measuring jug or other tall bowl and we are going to thicken the liquid bit by bit. Add a teaspoon of flour to the jug and add a couple of spoonful’s of the hot liquid to the flour and beat, until smooth and repeat this process eventually being able to add more liquid to flour. For this just use common sense, we aren’t looking for gloop, just a smooth mixture similar to thick cream, the cornflour will do the final thickening in the pan.

Once the liquid has gone from runny to cream like, put back in the pan and use three teaspoons or thereabouts of cornflour mixed in in cold water and then add to the pan, stirring with a slatted wooden spatula, making sure that the mixture doesn’t set on the sides or base of the pan, at this point you may want to add some more drops of butterscotch essence too, you’re just going to have to taste this one out, adding more sugar or essence as you remember it to be like. When the mixture looks thick enough, leave it till its just warm, beat well and then put into a pastry case or if you’ve had the time to pre-bake a pastry flan then great.

The mixture will set and once set decorate with bits of Cadburys Flake. I do hope you get what I got, a trip down memory lane, please leave a comment about how it goes for you and I’m sorry I cant be exact with the quantities but its taken me 30 years or so to get to this stage and I don’t think it can be replicated entirely anymore because of the time gone by and how ingredients have changed over the years.

Good Luck x


So I’ve been searching for and trying to replicate one of my favourite all time school deserts for just over a decade now. Memories of The Minster School canteen in Southwell, word spread quickly if this was ever made and it used to sell out quickly.

I remember it well, the exact taste and consistency and up until now, every recipe I’ve tried had no comparison, till today.

Butterscotch from the 1980s school dinnersI’ve managed to recreate this gorgeous desert and I’m so pleased as its taken possibly hundreds of internet hours and pounds to get it right. After trying versions with evaporated milk, condensed milk, demerara sugar, dark brown sugar, plain flour and cornflour, I’ve got the exact ingredients to form this once loveable classic desert.

This used to be served from a large tin tray and cut into rectangles, with chocolate shavings on top.

As I believe I have cracked this, I want to see how many people are still searching for this recipe, which I will unveil next week. Please leave a comment at the bottom of this page if you’d like to share your memories of butterscotch and Ill reveal all next week.

Spring clean your car… Yes that’s right!

Spring clean the car

So with Spring having sprung (or kind of), its time to think about cleaning and not just your house.

Over the past 6 months there has been one item in which we own that probably needs a good clean and that’s our car. So in ten steps, you too can have a gleaming car, all that is needed is a few hours and semi sunny weather,

Spring Clean Your Car in Ten Steps
Step 1:Get rid of any mud marks and goo marks caused by children with some antibacterial wipes.
Step 2: Use an car interior cleaner on the dashboard, down by the gear stuck and on door panels and inside any door pockets.
Step 3: Vacuum everywhere, working downwards between the seats, the seats, the floor and behind the pedals.
Step 4: Shine those windows and interior mirrors with ordinary window glass cleaner,
Step 5: Your car interior should be looking much better now and smelling fresher, time to look at the seats, do they need a helping hand? If so a  specialist upholstery cleaner should do the trick.
Step 6: Now for the outside, hose off any dirt from the bodywork and pay attention to the wheels, a lot of dirt will have accumulated on the inside of the wheel arch so try and blast that out as well.
Step 7: Using a car shampoo and soft sponge, get to work on those body panels working from the top downwards one side of the car at a time and then rinse. (Just a quick note is that always try and wash your car when its not too sunny, either shad or later in the day is best otherwise you’ll end up with streaks before you’ve managed to leather.)
Step 8: Always get a fresh bucket of water for the wheels, by this point you’ll probably need more water anyway. Use a toilet brush or specialist wheel brush and gently remove dirt and grim between the spokes and then rinse, doing one wheel at a time.
Step 9: Re-hose the car and then grab a chamois and get as much water off as possible.
Step 10: Waxing a car will finish the look and provide protection before the next wash is due. Making sure that the car is completely dry, work in small areas applying the product and then buffing off. Never do the whole car in one go before removing and buffing as you’ll find it harder to remove and if it is sunny, its sets quite hard.
And there you go, happy spring cleaning!

Reasons to Love Spring

Hello Spring

Reasons To Love Spring……….

1. Daylight Saving Time is in full effect – and we really appreciate it, lighter evenings make us feel better… so long SAD, hello HAPPY!

2. Temperatures are on the rise (crossed fingers!) this means bare legs, bright colours and cotton fabrics. Goodbye thick coats & knitwear, hello t shirts and summer dresses.

3. Spring cleaning gives us a chance to clear out our wardrobes and make room for our new season’s outfits!

4. New season, new you? It’s the perfect time to try out a new look or fresh haircut, why not experiment with a colour you have never worn before? If you don’t want to go that far then try out this season’s hottest lip or nail colour.

5. Flowers are adding a splash of colour to our gardens and the birds are singing……. nature at its best.

6. Easter will soon be here……daffodils, Easter egg hunts, getting together with friends and family and just relaxing…..what could be better?

7. Warmer weather means we can enjoy our beautiful countryside – everywhere looks better in the sunshine.

8. Baby lambs frolicking in the fields, is there a cuter sight?

Happy Spring Everyone xxx