Riani’s New Fabric Is Absolutely Darling…

…And the best thing is, their jackets go with everything!Riani Fabric SS16

Riani have always produced quality fabrics for their designs but their latest collection shows a fabric quite like no other.

Produced in the same factory that manufactures Chanel fabric in Paris, Riani’s latest fabric is loomed alongside one of the most exclusive Designers in the World.

These latest Jackets from Riani showcase the new fabric, each jacket take 6 hours to make. The sheer amount of detail and thread that goes into each item makes it extremely desirable and because of the colour wave, these jackets will match everything in your wardrobe.

The Riani Multi-coloured jackets and coat are available to purchase online.

Riani Multi-Coloured Short Jacket 641800 2830 Riani Multi-Coloured Short Jacket 641800 2830 Riani Multi-Coloured Long Jacket 641800 2830

Riani Zipped Jacket                           Riani Short Jacket                             Riani Coat


Riani Multi-Coloured Jackets are available to buy on our www.izziofbaslow.com/riani.

Riani Fabric SS16 Collage

RIANI is both traditional and visionary. For the woman who knows exactly what life‘s about. A woman in RIANI is always confidently dressed. High quality, elegant and exclusively manufactured materials. Surprising details. Perfect cut. Perfect fit. RIANI is glamorous and classy. Designed in Germany. RIANI underlines your personality.

With RIANI everything fits. Always. And everywhere.
RIANI loves you.


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