What to wear to Chatsworth Country Fair 2015

The Chatsworth Country Fair, held between Friday the 4th and Sunday 6th September, at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire is one of England’s most spectacular outdoor sporting events and here at Izzi of Baslow, we have a wide range of outdoor wear specifically for attending country fairs and sporting events.

So, what do you wear to Chatsworth Country Fair. Well the weather is mild still, albeit a bit prone to a downpour or two but the idea is to look the part. So, we’ve put together a couple of ideas for you from our Designers, Holland and Cooper and Really Wild Clothing.

The five essential items must be though:

  1. A Trilby Hat
  2. Leather Boots
  3. Comfy Long Socks
  4. Tweed Skirt or Tweed Breeks
  5. And of course a Tweed Jacket

Now in terms of what to wear up top, a crisp cotton or silk shirt will keep you cool and loose enough to feel comfortable in all day.

What to wear to Chatsworth Country Fair 2015

If you need further information about the event use the links below that will take you direct to the Chatsworth Country Fair website.

Download a Chatsworth Country Fair Leaflet and print out for your day.


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