Horsey horsey don’t you stop.

…just let your feet go clippety-clop.

So, this weekend it’s the Chatsworth Horse Trials, in the beautiful estate of Chatsworth, Derbyshire.

It doesn’t matter what your weather app says or your local news reader, the chances are and have been for as many years I can remember, it’s going to be a mixed forecast with a few showers intertwined with sunny spells.

What to wear to such an event is a hard one, you want to look the part, if you don’t come from round here you’ll probably find this slightly harder but make sure you layer it, because there’s nothing worse than coming in several thick layers as youll be wishing you hadn’t if the sun does come out, it can actually get quite warm.

Really Wild Country Wear for WomenSo, what to wear, well keeping inline with the theme, and I don’t mean you turn up in a pair of jodhpurs and riding boots, you can actually achieve horse style in some very stylish outdoor wear by a company called Really Wild Clothing.

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