So it’s Poll Day… will you be wearing heels to vote?

Heels to vote

Yes a strange one here but nether the less, its Poll Day and the UK will be thinking about who they are voting for, or not in the case of some. And whilst I awoke this morning thinking about how I fell asleep last night reading everyone’s party websites, I awoke with the strangest thought, what shall I wear.

Even having thought about the idea that I was even contemplating what to wear, I realised also that apart from being in the queue, all anyone can see is the knee down anyway. So bringing me on to my next thought, can the type of shoe worn today in polling stations across the UK, giveaway a persons choice of political party.

What to wear on Polling Day

If you find yourself in a polling queue today, take a look at the footwear peeping out below those curtains, can you guess? It’s a silly game but it may pass the time!

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