Spring clean your car… Yes that’s right!

Spring clean the car

So with Spring having sprung (or kind of), its time to think about cleaning and not just your house.

Over the past 6 months there has been one item in which we own that probably needs a good clean and that’s our car. So in ten steps, you too can have a gleaming car, all that is needed is a few hours and semi sunny weather,

Spring Clean Your Car in Ten Steps
Step 1:Get rid of any mud marks and goo marks caused by children with some antibacterial wipes.
Step 2: Use an car interior cleaner on the dashboard, down by the gear stuck and on door panels and inside any door pockets.
Step 3: Vacuum everywhere, working downwards between the seats, the seats, the floor and behind the pedals.
Step 4: Shine those windows and interior mirrors with ordinary window glass cleaner,
Step 5: Your car interior should be looking much better now and smelling fresher, time to look at the seats, do they need a helping hand? If so a  specialist upholstery cleaner should do the trick.
Step 6: Now for the outside, hose off any dirt from the bodywork and pay attention to the wheels, a lot of dirt will have accumulated on the inside of the wheel arch so try and blast that out as well.
Step 7: Using a car shampoo and soft sponge, get to work on those body panels working from the top downwards one side of the car at a time and then rinse. (Just a quick note is that always try and wash your car when its not too sunny, either shad or later in the day is best otherwise you’ll end up with streaks before you’ve managed to leather.)
Step 8: Always get a fresh bucket of water for the wheels, by this point you’ll probably need more water anyway. Use a toilet brush or specialist wheel brush and gently remove dirt and grim between the spokes and then rinse, doing one wheel at a time.
Step 9: Re-hose the car and then grab a chamois and get as much water off as possible.
Step 10: Waxing a car will finish the look and provide protection before the next wash is due. Making sure that the car is completely dry, work in small areas applying the product and then buffing off. Never do the whole car in one go before removing and buffing as you’ll find it harder to remove and if it is sunny, its sets quite hard.
And there you go, happy spring cleaning!

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