Reasons to Love Spring

Hello Spring

Reasons To Love Spring……….

1. Daylight Saving Time is in full effect – and we really appreciate it, lighter evenings make us feel better… so long SAD, hello HAPPY!

2. Temperatures are on the rise (crossed fingers!) this means bare legs, bright colours and cotton fabrics. Goodbye thick coats & knitwear, hello t shirts and summer dresses.

3. Spring cleaning gives us a chance to clear out our wardrobes and make room for our new season’s outfits!

4. New season, new you? It’s the perfect time to try out a new look or fresh haircut, why not experiment with a colour you have never worn before? If you don’t want to go that far then try out this season’s hottest lip or nail colour.

5. Flowers are adding a splash of colour to our gardens and the birds are singing……. nature at its best.

6. Easter will soon be here……daffodils, Easter egg hunts, getting together with friends and family and just relaxing…..what could be better?

7. Warmer weather means we can enjoy our beautiful countryside – everywhere looks better in the sunshine.

8. Baby lambs frolicking in the fields, is there a cuter sight?

Happy Spring Everyone xxx

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